Street Photography is featuring prominently on the photographic world’s radar at the moment.  There’s the Museum of London’s street photography exhibition, the wonderful Street Photography Now project and the people at Shoot Experience are organising the London Street Photography festival this summer.

It’s wonderful that this photographic genre has so much prominence at the moment, as it’s my personal favourite.  I love to hit the streets armed with my camera and capture little slices of life, although I often wish I was braver.

I also love the observational photography of people like John Gay and, more recently, Matt Stuart.  Not to mention the work of classic photographers like Cartier-Bresson.

So, anyway, after name dropping some greats whose work I could only dream of producing, I thought I’d post a few of my best street photography shots.   One day I’d like to be brave enough to take more candid portraits of people on the street.  Maybe when I have a less intrusive camera…

Click for larger:

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