The Wedding Venue Hunt

Prior to Pete and I getting engaged I read a lot of wedding blogs.  Rock ‘n Roll Bride, Rock my Wedding, OMG I’m Getting Married etc etc.  All for photography research purposes, of course…

Because I’ve been reading these blogs where all of these couples have slightly alternative weddings, I though it would be easy to find the type of venue I want.  Wrong.

We’d decided that we want a kind of wedding festival with some guests camping on site, but we didn’t want it at a carry on camping style camp site, and the idea of hiring a field and doing everything from scratch (generators, loos, marquees etc etc) sounded quite stressful.

We decided to look at ‘Glamping’ sites. Glamping = Glamorous + Camping and there seems to be a whole movement towards an outdoors experience that offers a little bit extra.  On our search we were quite taken with Feather Down Farm Days and the Canopy and Stars sites for unusual outdoors stays, including gypsy caravans and a house boat right in the middle of Regent’s Park.

We looked at loads of different places and narrowed it down to two: Billycan Camping and Woodland Yurting.  Both of them would allow us exclusive use of the site for the weekend, both of them had posh accommodation options on site where we and some of our guests can stay, both of them will arrange a marquee and let us have a big party.

In the end Billycan Camping won the day.  I loved it as soon as we arrived.

Woodland Yurting was lovely but it has a restricted number of guests as it’s an eco site and it’s also spread out over a large woodland and I had visions of some of our guests getting lost in the woods or the older people struggling with the distances you have to walk to get around the site.

So here it is.  Billycan Camping.  I am all kinds of excited.



The site owner told us the wildflowers will all turn yellow around the time we plan to have the wedding.

The view back to Arundle. It’s only 10 minutes away so guests that don’t fancy camping can stay in a hotel.

6 thoughts on “The Wedding Venue Hunt

  1. That’s a grand idea. We did look along those lines ourselves, but as you mentioned the logistics of planning the site yourself are a bit of a nightmare. Looks lovely though, nice one.

  2. Yeah for festival weddings! Ours went from Friday to Monday morning. Amazing. Be sure to email me for info etc. And look out for lots more stuff on our wedding coming up over the next few weeks.


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