A walk in the woods, a car picnic and a letter box

My in-laws have a curious hobby that involves heading out into the wilds of Dartmoor and looking for hidden boxes containing a book which you stamp to show you’ve found it. It also contains a stamp and ink pad so that you can collect the stamps of the person that’s hidden the box.

More about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Letterboxing

I saw my first letter box when I was in Devon recently. It was an easy one to find and one that my in-laws had found before and although their stamp was already in it, it was still quite exciting.

I always enjoy spending time in Devon as it’s anthesis of my London life. We go for walks, we have picnics, we drink steaming hot coffee from thermos flasks and I eat my own body weight in cake. It’s nice to get a little dose of the Countryside.


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