Thursday: Things I Found

This is a bit of a departure from my usual blogging style, as I generally only feature my own work. I’m trying to diversify to make my blog more readable and accessible and I figured that the best way of doing that is by sharing some brilliant things from around the web.

Thursday Things will often feature photography related stuff but there will also be sprinkling of other things that I find interesting, fun or, in the case of my first Thursday Thing this week, outrageous!

A Camden Thing:

This forms part of the plan for Camden Lock. I’m not a fan as I think it’ll destroy the character of the area. We love Camden because it’s a bit rough around the edges – we don’t want it to become the next Westfield.

Via the Camden New Journal








A Wedding Thing:

Can’t be bothered to plan a wedding? You need Auto-Wed!

AutoWed is a novelty wedding machine offering a quick hitch, a couple of rings and a personalised certificate for just £1/$1. Audio prompts, specially produced music, a bespoke retro keyboard and VFD display, ring vending and ticket printer all wrapped up in a Cadillac-pink cabinet with shiny aluminum fittings.

Via Concept Shed

A Flickr thing:

Sin and Helfire: A Set on Flickr

Technology not being my strong point, I was unable to figure out how to post a picture of this body of work, because the photographer has disabled downloads. You should check it out though. I particularly like this one.

 A Landscape Thing:

I’ve been following Landscape Stories on Facebook and via their website. I really love the minimalist style that a lot of the photographers use to show a sense of bleakness and neglect.

This is one of my favorite series for almost the opposite reason. Felix Odell’s misty pictures have a feeling of otherworldliness.

You can see more here









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