Sometime you just have to drink Champagne on a Tuesday

I have been in a funny mood this week. I had a new tattoo last week that made my foot swell to twice its usual size which, in return, meant that I was in pain and unable to go to Bikram.

I suffer with depression, stress and anxiety in varying degrees (I’m well at the moment. I have been very unwell in the past) and Bikram has been a bit of a revelation over the last few months: it’s calmed me down and kept me sane. I’ve noticed a real difference in my mental state since I’ve been unable to go.

I worked all last week in my 9 – 5, shot a wedding on Saturday and then on Monday I went to the dentist (I’m terrified of the dentist) and they spent an hour drilling and scraping around in my mouth. And then I ran a photography workshop today.

All of these things might not sound like much to the average person but when you struggle to deal with stress and pressure, it can be a bit of a fine line between coping and not coping.

I feel quite frazzled today. Over stimulated. I can’t wait to go back to yoga on Friday and calm myself down. In the mean time I treated myself (and P!) to the bottle of Champagne that our friend C bought us as an engagement present and now I’m going to have a bath and an early night.

5 thoughts on “Sometime you just have to drink Champagne on a Tuesday

  1. As I said in my message, go girl! And that is a lot of stuff in one week by the way – small matter of planning a wedding takes a lot out of you, emotionally and time wise as well as all those other things. 🙂 Yoga, running and huge support from Pete, family and friends helps me. And CBT. As well as shouting, “I won’t let you beat me you f*cker” when I run! Big supportive your not alone hugs and love. xxx

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