Thursday Things

Happy Thursday everyone. I have a bumper crop of links for you today as I discovered Google Reader and I’ve been doing some hardcore net surfing ever since.

A Quote Thing

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” 
– William Morris

My house is full of things that I find aesthetically pleasing. In fact I get a bit upset when I have to settle for something ugly, like the new fan I bought. I wanted to buy the stupidly expensive metal free standing one and P reminded me we’re saving for a wedding.

“Ok”, I said, let’s get the ugly one and I’ll tie ribbons to it.

“No. Ribbons flap around and make a noise”, said P.

So we got the ugly one. And there are no ribbons tied to it. I’m not sulking, honest.

A Pretty Free Thing

As I explore the world of craft and design I keep coming across people who are generous enough to share their work for free. I discovered Eat Drink Chic this week and, oh my gosh, how much do I WANT one of everything on there?

As well as blogging about fashion, style and design, Amy Moss does cool things with paper. You can download the template for these pretty ice-cream gift tags and if you have a look around there are lots of other free downloads too. While you’re there check out the surprise wedding!



























Photography Credit: Eat Drink Chic

A Photo Thing

Every now and then you see a photo that takes your breath away. This one actually makes me feel a bit sick – I’m not great with heights – but isn’t it spectacular?


It’s by a guy called Roof Topper over on 500px. He seems to spend a lot of time hanging around on top of tall buildings. A very cool job unless you’re a massive wuss like me.

A Design Thing

Small Fury is a London based design agency.  They’ve just been featured at Artsmart and they’re selling some pretty cool things in their shop.

This piece is a one off and is lazer cut from acrylic.  The little picture I borrowed from Small Fury’s website doesn’t do it justice, so head over to their web and check it out.







Another Craft Thing

Did you see my post yesterday about Pay It Forward Handmade? Click the link for the chance to have me make something for you. All on my own! You can hang it on your fridge like a proud parent.

A Sad Thing

Cy Twombly, pretty much my favourite artist, died this week. Very sad news indeed and a huge loss to the art world.

This is Autumn, one of my favourite works of his. I even have a framed poster of it hanging on my wall. RIP Cy.

A Shoe Thing

This is wonderful. You can design your own custom shoes. I have been searching for wedding shoes and, frankly, they all suck. They’re either too high for me to walk in or too dull to merit my attention.

I may have found a solution in Upper Street. You can combine a range of different options to create your dream shoe. I’m hooked.

This isn’t one that I designed but I’m adding it to my wish list anyway.  I’d never be able to walk in it of course.

A Free Engagement Photoshoot Thing

Yes, that’s right. FREE. Free and with no obligation to book your wedding photography with me. If you live in London or you’re prepared to pay my travel expenses, I’d love to do an engagement shoot with you. This offer is only valid for a limited time so contact me for more details.

That’s it for things this week. I hope you enjoyed them.

Babb x

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