Thursday Things

It’s Thursday. Hurrah! That means it’s only one week until Secret Garden Party (SGP) and I’m pretty excited about that.

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog front this week as I’ve had about a million photos to edit. I shot a community event today, I’m shooting a wedding tomorrow and then it’ll soon be SGP time (again: hurrah!) but I hope I’ll be able to share the whole of Charlotte and Jon’s wedding before then. Watch this space.

In the mean time have some lovely links to while away some time.

A Retronaught Thing

How To Be A Retronaught is one of my new favourite blogs. It’s packed full of witty, nostalgic images and feels a bit like an online curiosity shop.

You could buy stuffed girls heads in the old days, you know. “Blondes, redheads, brunettes…for every man to boast of his conquests”. Charmingly sexist and inapropriate.

A Wedding Thing

I read a lot of wedding blogs and go to quite a few weddings. I see a lot of really unique, individual and insteresting weddings but every now and then one jumps out and grabs me. This is one of them. I love the dress, I love the decor (especially the pink flamingos. Wow!) and I love the photography from Joielala

Photography Credit: Joielala Photography

See more images over on Style Me Pretty

A Public Art Installation Thing

I have one question and one question only: why isn’t this in London?

This amazing interactive art installation is called Rainbow City and was on display in New York until recently. Now that it’s shut, perhaps they could pack it up and deliver it to the end of my road so that I can have a bounce around on it. Find out more on Friends With You‘s website.

A Jane Austen Thing

Londonist do a regular series where they map literary locations in London and they recently devoted this feature to Jane Austen. I’m quite a bit Jane Austen fan and as I was telling a friend yesterday, I have been known to watch the entire BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice followed by the film adaptation. I know that’s a bit sad.

You can check out the Londonist article here. And have a picture of Mr Darcy to feast your eyes upon:

Photography Credit:

You may wish to avoid googling “Mr Darcy lake scene” and clicking images as it throws up more than one creepy copy cat attempt. MY POOR EYES.

A Sonisphere Thing

P, my fiancee (yeah, it still feels a little strange to call him that) was at the Sonisphere festival last weekend for a stag party. He took some great pictures.

He happened across this lovely pair all dressed up. Don’t they make a lovely couple?

You can find P over on Flickr. He shoots mainly with film and he usually acts as my second shooter when I’m doing a wedding.

A Micro Photography Thing

See this? This is what sand looks like when it’s magnified to 250x it’s size. Isn’t it beautiful?

What’s even more amazing is this magnified photo of a piece of dust from the moon. Yes, the moon!

These images are by Dr Gary Greenburg and you can see more of them on his website

Those my things for this week. If you liked them it would be great if you’d leave me a little comment.

Laura x

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