Thursday Things

This edition of Thursday things is going to be a bit less visual than usual, as I’m off to Secret Garden Party today and I’ve had a million and one things to do this week.

I’ll ask you all to keep things crossed for sunshine. Or at least that it stops raining for long enough for me to get my tent up.

So, here are my things as a list.

A Blondie Thing – I’m going to see them on Saturday at Secret Garden Party and I’m pretty excited. Here’s Atomic for you to have a little dance to.

A Wedding Thing – I’ve found some photographers that I want to be when I grow up. Check out Lillian and Leonard‘s beautiful photography.

A Photography Thing – I love industrial landscape photography. There’s something about the scale, rhythm and repetition of works by people like Edward Burtinsky and Andreas Gursky that really draws me in. I’ve been a bit consumed by the wedding stuff of late and I haven’t taken any street or urban landscape pictures and that’s a shame. I found these pictures of a disused PowerStation by Richard Gubbles and they made me happy.

Another Wedding Thing – The amazingly talented Polly Alexandre photographed the equally talented Emily Quinton’s wedding at Billycan Camping. I was more than a little bit excited about this, as it’s where P and I are getting married next year.

A Photo Thing – Ah, that’s it. I have nothing else for you this week as I have bags to pack and wellies to polish and babywipes to buy. Check out this picture I took at Secret Garden Party last year.

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