Secret Garden Party 2011

My fourth Secret Garden Party was fun. I saw Blondie (rah!), discovered a new band that I like (Kill it Kid), saw some very strange theatre and cabaret and generally had a good time.

I think this might have been my last SGP though. One of the things I loved about it when I first went was it’s small size. It’s got a lot bigger now with no apparent increase in the number of toilets or showers. When you’re past 30 these things matter – I’m really not a fan of queuing.

I also feel like I’d like to try something different. SGP is an awesome festival and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who asks but I’m ready for something new next year.

4 thoughts on “Secret Garden Party 2011

  1. Some gorgeous pics. It’s such a shame when you realise something you love’s being commercialised. I know of at least 2 awesome mini festivals you’re going to next year though.. 🙂 x

  2. This is true. 2012 will be the year of the Wedstival. I’m looking forward to yours almost as much as my own because I won’t get to take as many pictures at mine!

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