Liam and Fiona (and Laura the Talking Camera!)

I’ve had the privilege of getting enquiries and bookings from some awesome couples of late. There are a few weddings that I’m doing this year and next that make my camera twitch and my heart sing because of the couples’ vision for their day.

Whether it’s a festival wedding, a storybook woodland theater wedding (seriously!!) or a laid back, last-minute relaxed kind of wedding like the one Fiona and Liam are planning.

Fiona and Liam aren’t having professional photography for their wedding day but I’m going to be doing an engagement shoot with them, followed by an intimate couples shoot after they’ve tied the knot.

I ask all of my couples to fill out a little questionnaire before I photograph them, as it helps me get to know them a little bit better. Rather than send a boring word document, Fiona drew a comic with her answers. So cute that I had to share it with you.

And look at Laura the Talking Camera! That’s me, that is. I love it.
Click for larger:

Fiona has her own blog if you want to find out more about her. And the lovely Bridestock Bride has done a rather nice write-up about Fiona and Liam so head over there and have a read to find out more.

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