Camden after the riots

I have no words to describe how I feel right now. I keep writing words and deleting them and writing words and deleting them. Instead I took some pictures of my neighbourhood this morning and on my way home tonight. We weren’t hit as badly as other places and our community is less broken than some but it’s still a travesty. If you want a written account try this one from Richard Osley of the Camden New Journal.

Lets hope for a peaceful night on the streets of Camden, London and the rest of the UK. I hope you’re all safe. x

16 thoughts on “Camden after the riots

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  2. Nice pics, I used to live in camden 89 -91 and I use dto go to the Electric Ballroom every weekend. Of all the pics i have seen that one made me most sad. It really is (was) a london landmark for me and I hope that teh damage isn’t too bad and it will recover.



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