Thursday Riot Things or Things to restore your faith in humanity

So earlier this week I posted some pretty depressing pictures of my beloved Camden all broken and stuff, following the riots that have been spreading like wildfire up and down the country.

It’s been a sad week and a lot of people feel angry, scared and frustrated. 24 hour rolling news shows image after image of destruction and it would be really easy to feel despondent about the whole thing, as I have for the last few days.

Well lets not do that. Lets focus on some of the amazing things that have been happening around the country as people fight back and reclaim their streets.

A Broom Army Thing

Picture by @Lawcol888 (via Twitter).

Very quickly after the London riots a Riot Clean Up website sprung up to mobalise London people to help clean up the mess. People turned out in their droves and @Lawcol888 took this brilliant picture of what’s now been termed the Broom Army.

A ‘We’re British Let’s Drink Tea’ Thing

Tea has been an ongoing theme during these troubled times. Unsurprising really as we love a nice cup of strong tea in times of adversity.

There was this amazing picture on Flickr of some nice Camden residents making cups of tea for the Police (I can’t post it sadly due to copywrite issues).

There is also the Anti-Riot • Operation Cup Of Tea event which was organised on Facebook.

It’s organised by Sam Pepper. This is what the website says about it:

During the rioting, we have been urging the Great British public to harness the power of tea by staying at home and having a brew at 8.30pm, every night until it stops. Furthermore, we want everyone to take a photo of themselves in the act and post it to Facebook as a show of solidarity.

Image via

A Peckham Thing

The people of Peckham are a bit awesome, aren’t they? After a shop was looted they started this post-it-note wall where people have listed reasons they love the area and anti-riot messages.

Picture Credit: @xMissTaix via Twitter

A ‘Do Something Nice for Ashraf’ thing

Ashraf Haziq is the poor guy who was robbed by a group of people who pretended to help him up after he’d been knocked down. A website has been set up to help raise funds to either replace the things that were stolen or to fly his family over from Malaysia to visit him.

A Photoshop Looter Thing

Quite frankly we wouldn’t be British if we didn’t take the piss out of every single situation ever. Even the bad ones. Fortunatly this site only takes the piss out of the looters. My Little Looter, anyone? Do check out the rest of the site for more excellent photoshopping.

Image Credit:

That’s all for this week.

Laura x

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