Pete and Alison’s Wedding

This wedding is a bit different from those I usually post, as I attended as a guest rather than as the official photographer. Usually I’d leave the official photographer, who in this case was Ian Scott, to do their thing and concentrate on enjoying the party (read getting a bit drunk!) but I thought I’d mess around with my film camera and take some pictures of Pete and Alison’s day on black and white 35mm film, using a 50mm prime lens (while keeping out of Ian Scott’s way as much as possible!)

It was fun and I enjoyed it. I think as a photographer it’s easy to fall into the habit of working in a certain way and I’d never usually shoot a wedding without a zoom lens to hand. When you have a fixed focal length lens if you want to get closer you have to physically move closer, so the shots I took of the whole day are, in some cases, a bit different in perspective from my usual stuff.

I think you’ll agree that they both look really happy and that Alison looked stunning.  Congratulations, Pete and Alison. xx

(I’ll probably get told off for this one! It was P. I didn’t follow anyone into the toilets or anything!)

2 thoughts on “Pete and Alison’s Wedding

  1. Hey Laura
    These look really great, I can’t put my finger on it but they look really ‘fresh'(?) compared to so many other wedding photographers photos. I know that N and I have really struggled to find a photographer that doesn’t just produce generic wedding stuff and I think this shoot in particular looks really great, it’s photos like this that will help you stand out from the crowd. I also love the fact that you shot on film, you must have been SO excited waiting for them to be printed! I feel inspired to go buy a film camera, I haven’t taken photos on film for about 10 years!

  2. I love the grainy-ness of these black and white shots, especially because you look like you’re photographing a private moment in many of them …. so cool 🙂

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