Sometimes there are no words…

I read this post yesterday by one of my favourite photographers, Joanna Brown.

The following quote from her post really resonated with me.

“the intention that is behind all [my] decisions is my desire to get to know my subjects, seek out their beauty and unearth who or what they are and to describe and tell their story…and create a piece of art with every image” – Joanna Brown

I’m a firm believer that each photograph tells a story. They all do, in one way or another; whether it’s a snapshot of a particular moment in time or whether it’s a carefully constructed and conceptulaized fine-art photograph. You can read a photograph and it will tell you things about the time, the place and the subject and it will provide a more accurate record than almost any other medium.

On the other hand, a photograph can be so ambiguous that the viewer is forced to come to their own conclusions and find their own truth. Those photographs are my favourite. I like not to write about them so that you can make up your own mind.

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