People in the Saatchi Gallery

P and I went to the Saatchi Gallery yesterday.  I was quite excited to find out that you’re allowed to take photos inside. I took a few pictures of the sculptures (and one or two on the way there and back) but I found myself focussing my camera on the people and their interactions with the artworks.

I think the environment in which you view art impacts upon the way you view it. I’m always intrigued by art galleries because they’re full of people and you never really have any of the art to yourself. People get in the way, spoil your view and distract you – they become part of your viewing experience. I thought I’d try to photograph the visitors to the Saatchi Gallery as part of the environment so that the line between what’s there as part of the exhibition and what’s there on a temporary basis becomes blurred.

I’d love to hear what you think.

2 thoughts on “People in the Saatchi Gallery

  1. these pictures are really good – i like the idea about blurring the lines between what is a permanent fixture in the gallery and the people who are temporarily visiting, very interesting. My favourite is of the people looking at the crushed car.

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