How to be an explorer of the world

If you read my blog yesterday you’ll know that I went to the Saatchi Gallery. I am obsessed with museum and art gallery shops so there was no way I could leave without a little look in the Saatchi shop. I’m glad I looked because I found the wonderful book How to be an explorer of the world: portable life museum by Keri Smith.

It has 59 exercises to help you explore and I’m hoping to use some of them as photography projects.

I was thinking about going back to studying this September and doing another qualification in fine-art photography but I thought about it and I have a full time job, my photography business (which is getting busier and busier) and a wedding to plan, so it’s probably not the right time. I’ll put it on my list of goals for the future.

In the mean time I’ve been thinking about ways to spark my creativity and I’ve decided that I need to do some projects where I explore a brief so this book can be a starting point for that.

Here are some instructions from the book that tell you how to be an explorer of the world:

If you fancy joining me and doing some of the projects from the book, contact me via my website. You don’t have to be a photographer or even an artist – lots of the projects involve collecting things, for example. If you do join in maybe we can swap results and compare notes.

6 thoughts on “How to be an explorer of the world

  1. Wow, that looks an amazing book…I might have to obtain a copy myself. I like to *think* of myself as a bit of an explorer…I definitely change my course rather often! But really aiming to explore is a very good idea. What did you have in mind regarding getting people involved in the projects? I will contact you via your website as requested, but was wondering how you were thinking of going about it…

    • I’ll probably make a list of interested participants and then email them the brief, I’ll blog the brief too and then ask that everyone blogs their results and then posts a link in the comments of my blog. Or some such. What do you reckon?

      • That sounds a good plan. It’s a very good basis for a set of project blog posts, hopefully you’ll get a nice big group of participants.

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