Thursday Things

This week has been fun.

We had a bank holiday Monday where I drank wine and ate cheese.

I went to my first ever wedding networking event earlier in the week and I met some very nice people that I hope to get to know a bit better and maybe work with in the future. I also drank wine.

I got brand new wirless triggers for my flash gun and booked myself on Lisa Devlin and Adam Bronkhorst‘s flash work shop. I have been a bit scared of my flash, if the truth be known, so I’m looking forward to having a bit more control.

So my photography biased pre-amble leads me neatly to a pretty photography-centric Thursday Things.

A ‘This Could Be The Best Website Ever’ Thing

My Daguerreotype Boyfriend is a site that has hot men in very old pictures. I am probably a weirdo for liking it.

Credit tergiverso via
My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

A Vintage Film Thing

The Lomography blog had a post about someone who bought an old 116 film that had been exposed and then had it developed. The results are rather good and a little peek into the past.

I really, really love old pictures. My granddad was a bit of a photographer and he has boxes and boxes of old pictures and I love nothing better than having a rummage through them. If I’d been lucky enough to find and develop this film I would have been thrilled.

Do have a read of the post, won’t you, as they’ve managed to put together a few pieces of the puzzle to work out where and when the pictures were taken.

A Burning House Thing

The Burning House project asks “If your house was burning, what would you take with you?”. Participants curate the things they wouldn’t want to leave behind and then take a picture of them. The results are interesting.

I liked Libby Hegtvedt’s submission because everything seems to have some sort of sentimental value.

Here’s her list:

– (not pictured) my boyfriend Steve and my two cats Marvin and Margie
– my father’s ashes in a box handmade by my pseudo-grandpa
– photographs of my parents as children, my family, my boyfriend as a baby, and a photo I took in college of my father’s hands.
– three heart-shaped rocks, two of which were found at my family farm
– watch
– dad’s pipe, smoking tool kit, pocket knife
– favorite vintage japanese mug
– small clay container from the studio in Italy where I studied ceramics for a month in college
– eyeglasses
– skeleton key from the farmhouse
– books: Harriet’s Recital by Nancy Carlson given to me when I was born; an out of print edition of Maiden Voyage by Tania Aebi that I used to read over and over – my boyfriend tracked down a copy for my birthday; a vintage edition of Swiss Family Robinson

A me, me, me thing!

Yes, it’s not like I don’t post enough of my own pictures, I know, but as I said earlier I got some new wirelss triggers for my flash and I’ve been playing. Look!

A Wedding Photography Thing

This week I’m admiring work by Max Wanger. He uses negative space in a way that I just wouldn’t have thought of when photographing a wedding. Check him out.

Thursday Things. Done. See you next time.

Laura x

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