A week in the life of {personal}

It’s the middle of the night and my head feels full to bursting point. This isn’t even a metaphor – I had an operation on my deviated septum yesterday and the inside of my nose is swollen, crusty and sore, so I thought I’d write a little blog post about what I’ve been up to this week, while I wait for my pain killers to kick in.

I went to my first ever wedding networking event this week. I was terrified. I suffer with a bit of social anxiety (among other kinds… ha) so I was very, very nervous.

I needn’t have been as everyone was genuinely lovely and I met some great people, including a couple that I’ve made some tentative but very exciting plans to work with in the future.

Special mentions go to amazing cake designer, Janet Mohapi-Banks who organized the whole thing. Really, really do check out her cakes as they’re a thing of beauty.

Another wonderful, photography business mile-stone was getting my first referral from another photographer. P and I have booked Hannah at Kinver Miles for our wedding and I’ve got to know Hannah a bit on twitter.

She really is a lovely lady and she’s asked me to second shoot with her later this year. She also referred a client on to me, when she was unable to take a booking herself because she was booked already. It’s a wonderful feeling when a photographer whose work you admire is happy to refer clients to you.

On Saturday I headed off to Whitstable with a group of my best friends. Whiststable is an atypical quaint seaside town and we mooched around lovely little independent shops, ate ice cream, had fish and chips on the sea-front and some of us ate so many oysters that they made themselves ill. Some of them being me. Whoops.

Here’s a sneaky peek of one of my pictures. More to follow.

On Monday I headed all the way to Brighton, from Whitstable, for a course only to get there and realise the course wasn’t on Monday at all and I’d got the dates wrong. And that I couldn’t then make the actual date of the course.

It was raining in Brighton and the course was a good 30 minute walk from the train station so I had a little paddy in the street and then sulked all the way back to London.

And then yesterday I went in for my op. I was a bit nervous about the whole thing but the staff were great (on the whole – more about that in a sec) and I was well looked after. I only really have one issue.

The nurse who checked me in picked up on the fact that I listed myself as having ‘no religion’ and then proceeded to make a big deal out of it.

She said that is terrible that so many have turned away from religion and when I said I have other more tangible things that enrich my life, she effectively said that these things wouldn’t ‘protect me’.

I said something about not realising that this (meaning her trying to save my poor heathen soul!) was part of the NHS’ service. She didn’t really get the hint and, finally, when getting me to sign off my admission paperwork, she said that she thought I should change my mind about ‘that’ and pointed to the section on religion again.

I explained that I manage just fine without religion and she shook her head at me in a pitying fashion.

I am a little bit outraged by this experience and I will be writing to complain. I do not expect, when dealing with a public service (or anyone, anywhere really), to have my own beliefs criticized and to have other people’s beliefs foisted upon me.

I work in the public sector myself and I would never question someone’s religious beliefs, despite not holding the same views myself. Why should I be treated differently as someone who holds no doctrined beliefs?

I probably would have picked her up on this, had I been feeling a bit more robust (I was pretty nervous and I was feeling a bit vulnerable while waiting to go into surgery) but you pick your battles, don’t you?.

I’d love to hear what you think?

I think that’s all for now. My face aches, my nose is bunged up and I’m pretty tired so I’ll be spending the day in bed, watching films.

Laura xx

6 thoughts on “A week in the life of {personal}

  1. Laura, it sounds like you’ve had quite the week! I can’t understand why a nurse would behave like that – shocking. I hope you feel better soon and that someone is looking after you better than the nurse! xx

  2. ouch for your poor, poorly nose! My ex-boss used to have constant nasal surgery (sinus issues) and he was always in such pain afterwards. I feel for you xx

    As for that nurse. I’d have been FUMING. Completely hopping mad. How rude, how inappropriate and how unprofessional!

    Sorry to hear about your course (was it with Lisa Devlin?) How frustrating to turn up on the wrong day and then not be able to make the new one.

    Sounds like a rotten end to the week, although your pic of Whitstable and you booking your photographer must have made up for the rotten bits!

    • It was Lisa’s course yes. I’m usually very well organised but for some reason I’d got it into my head that it was on Monday. Frustrating.

      Re my nose, I’ve sent a sufficiently snotty (no pun intended!) email to the NHS and I’m currently tucked up in bed with pain killers and a DVD box set. x

  3. Hi Laura,

    Just spotted this post and as a nurse and someone who could probably be described as ‘religious’ (although I would say that religion is actually mostly very unhelpful) I feel I really have to comment to say..WHAT?!

    This nurse is beyond out of line and can’t believe she feels it’s OK to use her position in this way (as well as totally disagreeing with what she said to you in any context)….. just because people trust nurses (doctors, teachers etc.) with information doesn’t mean that we are entitled to do what we like with that, at the end of our day it’s actually totally none of our business. Ok rant over! Sorry that a hard thing had to be made harder for you, that is rubbish.


    • Hi Lucy

      It’s actually really useful to hear your perspective as a nurse. I have made a formal complaint about it but you do kind of wonder if you’re over reacting a bit.

      You hit the nail on the head when you said that she misused information that I trusted her with.

      Thanks so much for your comment

      Laura x

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