‘Photography for Bloggers’ workshop 30/10/11

Well, what’s this all about then?

Terri from The Bride Fairy contacted me recently to ask if I do any photography mentoring. She explained that she wants to learn to take better photos for her blog. Another blogger also recently approached me about taking some pictures for her blog and this got me thinking.

There are probably a whole load of bloggers that could use some help with basic photography skills, so that they can take pictures that do their writing justice and they probably don’t need the level of detail that you find on a lot of photography courses. And so my first ever Photography for Bloggers workshop was born.

The Detail

– You don’t need a fancy SLR (although if you do have one, you can bring it along). We can teach you to get great results with the resources you already have.
– We’ll try to keep the technical stuff to a minimum and instead we’ll focus on composition, working with light and using your pictures to tell a story.
– We’ll also cover some very basic camera and editing skills
– You’ll be set some homework which will involve you writing a follow up blog post that’s illustrated by your own photos

As well as learning some theory, you’ll have a chance to work to a brief and photograph a range of subjects. You’ll also get a chance to meet other bloggers and hopefully make some new friends.

The Investment

As this is a new course, you can test drive it for the bargain price of £75. Lunch will also be included.

The Specifics

Date: 30th October 2011

Time: 11am – 4pm followed by drinks and networking (aka a nice chat)

Venue: a secret location near London – I’m not being cryptic. We do have a venue in mind but it depends how many of you want to come along.

Where do I sign up?

If you’d like to come along, please email Terri@thebridefairy.com

The course will be run by me, Laura Babb. I am a photographer based in Camden and as well as photographing weddings, events and portraits, I loves street photography, photographing the urban landscape and the weird and wonderful. I’m also a little bit blog obsessed and I spend hours and hours pouring over my google reader. Check out my website.

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