Explored – Faces

Thanks to everyone who joined in with Explorer Club this month.

To make things a bit more interesting I think I’ll award the title of Explorer of the Month to the best entry. There will be no prize as such but you can feel free to tell anyone who will listen about the fact that you were awarded this prestigious title.

Explorer of The Month is awarded to Gordon Burns for this brilliant face.

Credit: Gordon Burns

And special commendation goes to Ian who loves looking for faces so much that he started his own blog about it. That’s some dedicated exploring, Ian.

Credit: Ian Tyrell

October’s Exploration project will be posted on the blog next week. Are you excited?

Here are the faces the rest of the explorers found, including my own one eyed offering. Leave a comment and tell us which one is your favourite.

Laura x

Credit: Laura Babb

Credit: Carla Burnett

Credit: Kevin Mills

Credit: Pete Wilbourne

Credit: Fiona McRobie

Credit: Helen

4 thoughts on “Explored – Faces

  1. Thank you Laura for the title of Explorer of The Month! I really enjoyed getting involved with your photo challenge. It gives some focus in my otherwise rambling photographic adventure!

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