Thursday Things

It’s Thursday again. This much we know. As for what season it is, that’s anyone’s guess. It felt a bit cooler yesterday morning so I pulled on a pair of wooly tights and instantly regretted it. There is no moral to this story although you might want to think about layering as a solution to the ‘I’m hot I’m cold I’m hot I’m cold’ situation.

Anyway, enough rambling. I’ll be blogging Ben and Sam‘s wedding tomorrow but in the mean time have some things to make your Thursday fun.

An Illustration Thing

I found Dotty Nogging aka Kirsty Ramsbottom via Twitter friend and fellow photographer, Joanna Millington.

Kirsty does beautiful commissioned illustrations of people’s houses.

She also does lovely framed screen print embroideries.

While I don’t think an illustration of my highrise flat would be all that pretty, I am very tempted by the embroidery. Although my wedding planning related austerity drive does mean I’m not supposed to be spending money…

A Where Fashion Meets Art Thing

So this is interesting. Nan Goldin, one of my favourite fine-art photographers, has photographed Jimmy Choo’s latest advertising campaign for his Icon Range.
Credit: Nan Goldin/Jimmy Choo

10% of profits from The Icon Range is being used to fund projects relating to the empowerment of women, including a rape centre in South Africa. It’s well documented that Goldin has experience of being in a violent relationship.

I was a bit surprised by the collaboration to be honest. In my head fashion photography is mainly about an aesthetic and fine-art photography is about narrative, although there is obviously cross over. When you look at Goldin’s historical work, it’s brutal, raw, honest and a bit uncomfortable. And now she’s selling shoes, albeit for a worthy cause.

Quite why I should want my artists to be martyrs for their art, I don’t know. It’s something I need to think about a bit more I guess.

Anyway, you’ve seen the shoe shot. Here’s one from the archives and her Ballad of Sexual Dependency series.
Credit: Nan Goldin

A Robot Tea Infuser Thing
This is cute. Look how cute it is!

From Mod Cloth via Notcot

A Men Up Thing

This is witty and clever and brilliant. Photographer Rion Sabean‘s work focusses on gender and sexuality and recent works include a series of men shot in poses that are usually associated with female pin-ups.

Credit: Rion Sabean
See more of the Men Up series here and check out Rion’s website. You can also find an interview with him here.

Thanks to Louise from Oh My Honey for the great find.

A Before There Was Glee Thing

Pete found this. I don’t think I’ll say anything about it, I’ll just let you watch…

An Alternative Views Thing

One of the things I love about photography is the ability to censor. You can record a situation/setting/person as faithfully or as unfaithfully as you choose and you can compose a shot to edit out things that aren’t needed or things that don’t support the view that you’re trying to present.

Pictures of famous landmarks tend to edit and sensor. The picture of Big Ben very rarely features the homeless person that’s sleeping rough outside. Pictures of landmarks are often taken from the same vantage point, so that one person’s picture of the Eiffel Tower is much the same as another person’s.

Thats why I like these pictures of depressing views of famous monuments, from Oobject.

Credit: Oobject

That’s all for this week.

Laura x

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