A Curious Thursday Thing

You almost didn’t get a post this week. I’m feeling a bit fatigued and I actually had a bit of a funny turn at the weekend (faint, dizzy, weak etc etc) so I decided to take it easy this week. But then the post person came…

This week’s Thursday Things is dedicated entirely to the Curiosity Project. . The project was the brain child of Tiffany Grant-Riley and here’s a little bit about the project:

We all love receiving post. I’m not talking the dreaded brown envelope, but something exciting, anticipated, perhaps unexpected. Sometimes, if I’m feeling flush, I like to order myself a few treats and enjoy waiting for their arrival, hoping they look as good in reality as they do online.

I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to get everyone buzzing about something-a little project everyone can be involved in, like the chain letters we used to get as children, only much more exciting! So, The Curiosity Project was born…

The Curiosity Project is, simply put, a mass exchange of personally chosen gifts between anonymous participants. I give, you receive. You give, I receive…

The idea itself is simple. Find a box, fill it with trinkets or curiosities and mail it to a stranger. Be creative with it. Take time over choosing its contents, if you’re crafty make something. You could find a collection of old things or something brand new. Let it say something about you. Include something that has a meaning for you. Decorate the box, wrap it beautifully. Write a note to the recipient if you like, but don’t sign your name. In time, you’ll receive your own Curiosity Box from a secret somebody.

Well my box arrived yesterday, which was pretty exciting. Here’s what was inside…

It’s too late to take part in this project but there are already plans for a Christmas project so keep an eye out for the world’s best secret santa! And keep checking the blog to see what other people got in their boxes.

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