New Feature! Photo Question Friday

If you’ve read my ‘about me’ section you’ll know that this blog aims to be a bit broader than just talking about my wedding photography business. I blog bits stuff that I find on the internet, personal work and even my holiday snaps. This blog, I guess, is about my photography journey.

Part of my journey (and in fact any journey), I believe, involves learning from others through discussion and observation. Interaction with others can result in that creative spark that leads you do challenge yourself and improve your work.

Because of that I’ll be asking a photography related question, every Friday so that I can find out what you think. You don’t have to be a photographer to answer the question, you just have to have an appreciation for photography.

So my first question:

Tell me about one of your favourite photographers from any photographic discipline. You don’t need to write lots about them if you don’t want to (I’m not looking for a full critique!) just a bit about what you like about their work and whether you have a favourite piece of work

I struggled to answer this, as there are so many photographers whose work I love, but I’m going to go with Gregory Crewdson and in particular his Twilight Series.

I love that his work manages to feel gritty and raw in spite of being highly produced (he shoots as though on a film set). It’s beautiful but also slightly uncomfortable.

Tell me about a photographer whose work you like and why…

6 thoughts on “New Feature! Photo Question Friday

  1. My favourite photographer will always be Martin Parr. I first came across his work when I was studying Photography at A-Level. I can’t put my finger on why it is I liked his work. His series shot in New Brighton in the 80’s was fascinating, partly for nostalgic reasons, but also because I remember thinking, people like going to the seaside when it looks like that?! What a snob.

    And sometimes, you have to wonder with his work, is he being snobby by taking pictures of less than attractive areas of the UK. But actually, I think he is staunchly patriotic to some extent, and a bit of a British Nerd in the sense that he loves most things British and seems to revel in British Eccentricity. I love the humour and satire that his work takes on, the high colour saturation of his images. The way he photographs the seemingly ordinary, but makes them look garish and interesting.

    I’ve written to him a couple of times when I was at school and still treasure a card he sent me that told me to photograph what I like to photograph. My sister met him at a book signing and got a copy of Boring Postcards signed for me, I cried when I opened it to see the dedication!

    • I love Martin Parr too, Amy. Especially his Bored Couples series but I also really, really love all of the observational stuff he does around Britishness.

      I don’t think he’s a snob at all, I think he looks at quintessential elements of British life and presents them in a very humorous (as you said) way. I don’t think he does it in a way that presents a negative view of the subject – I always have warm feelings towards his subjects for the most part.

      Good choice. X

  2. Mine’s Richard Avedon. I have a real thing for potrait photography .. probably from studying Fashion Promotion at Uni … and I just love his black & white portraits! There is something about them that just really gets to the soul of the person being photographed.

  3. I like Richard Billingham’s work, the ‘Ray’s a laugh’ images (not sure of what else he has done) I like the use of out of date film and the bold subject matter.
    I also like Martin Parr and Nan Goldin for their subject matter and compositions.
    Just looked up Richard Avedon – some wonderful portraits. I love the one of the old man.

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