Creative Question Friday

F f f f f Friday!

Last week I decided to try to get a bit of discussion going and I asked a question specifically about photography. I’ve decided to widen my net a little bit ane make my weekly question a creative one, rather than specifically photography related.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, who ever you are, what ever you think and even if you’ve never created anything in your life…

Here’s this week’s question:

If you could create something with an unlimited budget, what would the end result be?

Don’t be shy! Share your answers in the comments. Here’s mine…

I’d take a photograph of the earth, from space.

Earth Rise by William Anders
When I was younger I was a bit obsessed by space. I’d pour over pictures of galaxies and planets and I’m still fascinated and slightly in awe of how vast the universe actually is and how little we know about it.

I really, really wanted to be an astronaught but a kind of blindness when it comes to understanding anything even vaguely scientific put pay to that idea.

I’m just waiting for space tourism to take off and I’m soooooo getting on that space ship. In fact I’ve made P promise me that we’ll go on holiday to space one day.

Tell me, if money was no object, what would you create and why?

Laura x

15 thoughts on “Creative Question Friday

  1. Mine answer is actually rather realistic, as it’s highly possible future project for my husband and I. I’d build a house. It sounds small, but the plan would be for it to reflect our personalities and ideals from the foundations to the roof. We’re quite eco-consious, and have both got engineering backgrounds, so it’s possible…

  2. I would love to go on a roadtrip around America with my husband before we have kids! I’d like to travel all around taking portraits of people on the way & end up in Mexico where we went on our honeymoon! X

  3. I would create a underwater catwalk with models walking on the bottom of the sea in an air-sealed glass pipe in amazing oceanic-inspired clothes and the entire audience would be in separate bubbles on the side of the runway. At the end of the show all the bubbles would begin rising upwards and then the runway pipe would open up and the audience would see the models swimming upwards towards the surface like futuristic mermaids. And then both audience and models would re´surface at the exact same moment to the most amazing sunset ever…. hope it makes sense! love this segment 🙂

  4. MOney no object…mmh I would pay off the house, buy another somewhere idyllic. Travel around the world, and then spend the rest of my days doing charity work. I love to just help out others in the best way to do that is giving up your time to benefit a cause. x

  5. I would build a beautiful arts therapy centre for people with mental health problems. I think art is hugely theraputic and is under used as a tool to help people cope/work through their issues. People could attend courses, therapy sessions or just drop in to have a go at different things. I really wish there was somewhere like that I could go to myself!

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