Explorer Club – Update and November Project

Hello explorer club!

For anyone who wandered here by accident and wants to know what this is all about, check this out. And here are some past projects.

Here’s how it works:

– I set an explorer club challenge/project
– You document it in what ever way you like – this means you can write, photograph, draw or film your results.
– You either blog your results and email me with a link to your post or email me your results directly
– All entries need to be with me by the end of the month
– I blog a summary of the results and award the prestigious (ahem…) Explorer of the Month accolade

October’s project was Accidental Art.

The challenge: Go for a walk. Identify existing art that you find: things that are not created on purpose. Some examples include stains on the pavement, spilled paint, bird poo, residue, corrosion, rust, things that are damaged, random arrangements of objects that you find interesting, a bag caught in a tree.

First up is our explorer of the month. Congratulations to Amy.

And here are the rest..

Credit: Grace

Credit: Ian

Credit: Fiona

Credit: Pete

Credit: Me!

November’s Project

If you’d like to take part in November’s project, drop me an email on laura.j.babb (at) googlemail.com – we’d love to have some new people involved.

We’re going a bit off piste this month because I’m setting the challenge myself, rather than taking it from How To Be An Explorer Of The World. Crazy, huh? Don’t worry, it’s still very much in the spirit of the book. So, this month’s project….

The Museum of Inspiration

Curate things that inspire you throughout the month. You can do this with drawings, photographs, written descriptions, by cutting things out of magazines, writing down poems or lyrics, making things or any other method of recording that you can think of. Arrange the things you’ve collected/made/recorded. Take a picture.

Optional extra – write about the things you’ve curated and explain why they inspire you.

Happy exploring!

Laura x


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