Creative Question Friday

I love Fridays. I especially love this Friday as it’s the first weekend in months where I haven’t had to get up early on Saturday morning for a wedding or photoshoot. I am seriously looking forward to a lie in and a lazy breakfast with Pete. Simple pleasures and all that…

Mmmmm, breakfast…

So my creative question this week:-

Tell me your earliest memory of making or creating something.

My earliest memory of making or creating something is a picture that I painted.

When I was around 5 or 6 I had a friend. I used to go around to his friend’s house to play. I remember his mum always used to give us ginger cake and that he used to say ‘lellow’ instead of yellow.

We were both scared of wasps and one day we decided that we wanted to play in the garden without being troubled by pesky and terrifying buzzing things.

The only solution to this problem was to paint. We painted pictures. We painted pictures of wasps with large red crosses over them so the wasps would know to keep away and we stuck them all around the garden with blue tack.

I don’t recall whether it worked but I’m guessing that it didn’t.
It does show that children think creatively and without constraint.

This is my earliest memory of creating something. Tell me about the first time you created something.

Laura x

11 thoughts on “Creative Question Friday

  1. I can’t remember the first thing I created, but my first ‘masterpiece’ (as my doting parents called it) was a version of the nativity story that I wrote in pencil one night when my mum and dad were out. I was left with a babysitter who didn’t know how to spell Jesus either, so the whole way through the story, he’s referred to as ‘Mary’s baby’. I added in a few helpful nuggets that I’d gleaned from an educational children’s programme – something about them wearing the fur from animals to keep warm, and that they used dead animals’ tongues to brush their hair – apparently the raspy bits towards the back of cats’ tongues worked as olden day hairbrushes. Not sure this was contemporaneous with Jesus’ birth, but what’s a few million years among friends?

    I illustrated it with a traditional scene from the birth unit / stable, and the angels are all girls with blonde hair, pink tutus and ballet shoes with criss-crossed ribbons. Middle class upbringing, anyone?

    The whole thing’s in a frame on their wall and they claim they knew then I’d grow up to be a writer. Stillllllllllllllll waiting! 😉

  2. Hee! I love the signs for wasps – could do with some of those in my porch this week actually Laura… email me, I’ll give you my address.

    As for my first memory, I can’t remember making a particular thing, but I remember drawing at school when I was five. We had little hexagonal tables, and big paper, and each table had a big tray of crayons in the middle.

    The trays were big red plastic trays, and the crayons were chunky ones all broken in half. Every box had two silver crayons and two gold ones. They were special but caused lots of arguments.

    I can smell the crayons now, and still remember how exciting it was to do drawing at school.

    I’d forgotten about that until I read your blog this afternoon. Thanks for bringing a happy memory back!

    Claire xx

  3. I remember doing some painting in my first year at primary school. When the teacher first came round to have a look, it was a lovely (for a five year old!) tree in the middle of the page. Next time she got round to me, the whole page was a muddy brown. My reason was that a bear had stood in front of the tree and got in the way. I kid you not when I say they asked to see my mum so they could talk about by mental well-being :/ x

  4. I love this blog post Laura, I’m sure the red crosses did work! I’ve been thinking about memory a lot lately. I’ve been drawing and making since I was born! I think the first thing I can remember properly caring about making and that had a purpose, is a set of paper butterflies which I made at my grandma’s house, and then decorated the garden with them – sitting them on flowers to surprise her! I also blogged about memories this evening cos I found some old photos

  5. I was so much more creative as a child than I am now! I have several early memories of creating, although I have no idea in which order they came.

    We had a small cubby hole under the house where my sisters and I played. We took the leaves of aloe vera plants, mixed them with red dirt and painted the cubby hole from top to bottom. I still remember the smell and stickiness of that primitive paint!

    I was also incredibly shy back when I was 5 (seriously!), and wouldn’t speak to people outside of my family. However, this didn’t stop me writing a play about Vikings and forcing my entire family to participate – apparently when I did speak I was pretty bossy!

    Great question Laura! x

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