Write More Stuff: Music

I keep thinking I should write more on this blog. Writing isn’t something that comes naturally to me but I do quite enjoy it; there is something cathartic about putting fingers to keyboard (doesn’t quite have the same ring as putting pen to paper, does it?)

Also, as you have probably gathered if you read this blog regularly, I am trying to be more creative in lots of ways, as I believe this will help me to improve my photography and, undoubtedly, it will have a positive impact on my life. Or something.

Because of this, I have decided to Write More Stuff and I invite you to throw topics at me to write about. Leave me a comment with your suggestions.

Ideally I’d like to write about photography or creativity or to something personal to me but I am open to suggestions. I’ll add them all to a list and work my way through it. I promise I’ll try to write something in response to every suggestion, even if I find it hard.

I threw this open to Twitter and my first request, from Laura, was to write about songs that get me grinning from ear to ear as soon as I hear them.

Here we go…

Music for me tends to reflect a phase in my life. I listen to an album or over and over and over again until I know it back to front and then I don’t really listen to it again.

I have piles and piles of CDs that are gathering dust because I’m done with them. They have out lived their purpose and the time when I needed them has passed.

My tastes change like the seasons and I will be obsessed with something for a fixed period of time and then I’m over it.

Several years ago I was coming out of my first adult relationship. We owned a house together in South East London and my life felt very serious. I didn’t particularly like my job and I was unhappy in my relationship. I had entirely lost my spark.

The boyfriend and I broke up and I moved into a house share in East London and proceeded to spend a lot of time drinking too much and partying, as you do when you have a bit of freedom to play with.

In retrospect I was a bit lonely but I also felt more free than I ever had in my life. I had never lived in such independent circumstances before and I really valued my own, private space, even though it was only a room, and I really enjoyed getting to know myself again. I had fun but I also had the space I needed to reflect and re-evaluate my life.

My sound track to this transitional period of my life was, rather strangely, psychedelic trance. I say strangely, but in actual fact trance has actually featured quite heavily in most of my transitional periods.

I was regularly going to trance clubs when I first met my ex and, in a way, discovering clubs was what led me to meet him and then move away from Essex to London.

I also spent a lot of time listening to trance when I was traveling around South East Asia, a year or so after the ex-boyfriend and I split. It was a welcome respite from the relentless Bob Marley and Jack Johnson that you hear in 99% of the bars.

So yes, trance. It’s featured heavily in my life when things have changed in some way. Usually for the better. I don’t listen to it any more, except very occasionally when I’m feeling nostalgic, but a progressive psy-trance beat or a 90s trance tune (or the whole of Magik Six: Live in Amsterdam) can still bring a massive grin to my face or have a very visceral effect on me. If I hear those songs that used to make my heart beat a little bit faster it makes me sad that I don’t go to clubs any more but, in reality, I have neither the energy nor the inclination these days.

But if I do happen to be out and I hear some trance, I’m likely to have a little dance. Just a little one. While hankering for a glow stick…

Tell me, what music makes you grin from ear to ear and why?

And have a listen to this.

11 thoughts on “Write More Stuff: Music

  1. I’m liking the writing Laura. Writing More Stuff is always good.

    Howsabout “Who’s your favourite photographer and why?” as a future topic? Clearly “favourite” is an awkward word, but it could be a starting point.

  2. I’m a massive music obsessive – most of my mates are either DJ’s or in bands and it’s allowed me to be involved in music in a big way. I also do a bit of music photography on the side and I enjoy it so much. I don’t really have the inclination to go to clubs anymore either but doing it with a camera in my hand? A whole different kettle of fish!

    Some albums will take me right back to a time, whether is be good or a little bit melancholy. Mainly though, that’s the beauty of music, it allows you to have a soundtrack. When I move into a new place I spend ages thinking about what album I’m going to listen to while I unpack – sounds silly but it’s so important!

    I also can’t work without music – I don’t really do TV.

    This has me dancing without fail every time

    Nice post!

    • “When I move into a new place I spend ages thinking about what album I’m going to listen to while I unpack – sounds silly but it’s so important!”

      I love that. What a wonderful idea. Put a stamp on your new place by assigning it a sound track. When I move house I spend ages thinking about what takeaway I’ll get that evening…. heh.


  3. Had to read this post as I’m bit of a music obsessive, and wasn’t dissapointed 🙂
    I have so many tracks that just hit me emotionally because I associate them with certain periods of my life.
    ‘Oh my God’ by Kaiser Chiefs automatically takes me back to Australia as it was spookily the first song I heard after I touched down in Sydney.
    ‘Everlong’ by Foo Fighters also makes me smile as its one of the songs that means masses to me and my other half.
    I totally get your point about albums to unpack to btw 🙂

  4. Ahh music to make me smile. There normally comes a point during a discussion about music when some one asks me “Pete, what music *do* you like?”.

    This question normally arises because I spend a lot of time rubbishing popular music from the 80’s and 90’s.. and 00’s. The reason? During my teen years I was into metal, if it didn’t sound like a slow-motion car crash in a pet shop I wasn’t interested.

    In my old age I did of course mellow, and started to find enjoyment in all sorts of music. But my greatest musical memories always come from live rock/metal gigs. I have a feeling it’s only 50% about the music, the other bits are about how drunk I am and the vibe of the others with me. There really is nothing like getting stuck into a good mosh, if you don’t feel like you’ve been tenderised and deafened at the end of the night if wasn’t a truly ‘good’ night.

    So yea, I haven’t actually for a specific song, umm something by Metallica probs.


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