Thursday Things

It struck me yesterday that it’s nearly December. Can you believe it? How did this happen?!

I suppose I’d better think about Christmas shopping at some point. Have you seen anything cool that I can give as presents that costs little or no money? No? Everyone’s getting framed photos then. You think I’m joking.

Anyway, this week’s Thursday things is a bit less sparten than last weeks as I found lots of things that I liked. Here we go.

A Huge Massive Thank You So Much Thing

Two of the couples whose weddings I am or have been involved with gave me amazing gifts this week.

I caught up with Sarah and Chris and they’d gone to quite a lot of trouble to find out what I might like as a thank you present. They managed to find out about my love for Rob Ryan and they bought me this beautiful plate set.

I was seriously touched. I almost cried and I hugged them way more than is apropriate… It’s so wonderful to know that they were so pleased with their wedding photos and it was so lovely of them to get such a thoughtful present. They really shouldn’t have.

And neither should Lucy who made me (yes, made me!) this fabulous cushion.

It’s so beautifully made with such attention to detail and, again, I was so touched that Lucy took the time to make it for me, especially as I haven’t even photographed her wedding yet! I love it. And I love my clients because I clearly get all of the best ones. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to meet such lovely and interesting people, while doing something I love so much.

Enough gushing. Onwards.

A Vintage Motel Thing

Pete and I are researching honeymoons at the moment and it’s looking like we’ll end up in Miami and the Florida Keys. Whilst looking for unusual places to stay I came across this archive of vintage motel pictures.


I love it. I love it so much. I want to take my honeymoon in the 1950s please. Thank you.

A Photography Thing

These infrared photos by Richard Mosse are captivating. I keep looking at them. The landscape looks so alien and yet so familiar at the same time.

Credit: Richard Mosse

They’re taken in The Congo and some of them are pretty harrowing, as well as being captivatingly beautiful.

Credit: Richard Mosse

A UFO Thing

Something else I stumbled across while looking for places to stay. Oh my. It’s only a UFO treehouse hotel. A UFO treehouse hotel!


It’s part of Treehotel in Sweden and they have other cool rooms, such as a very space aged glass cube and a birdsnest. Check it out here.

An Inspirational Thing

“”I am not concerned that anyone in this room is gonna fail at anything […] My concern is that you’re gonna succeed at something that didn’t matter.”

I found the above inspiring video via Olivine’s Charm School. Check out her blog. It’s good.

That’s it for Thursday. Check back next week when I’ll be blogging the fabulous Laura and David’s engagement shoot. Or pop over to my Facebook page if you want to see what I’ve been up to recently.

Laura x

7 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. “I am not concerned that anyone in this room is gonna fail at anything […] My concern is that you’re gonna succeed at something that didn’t matter.”

    Ouch. That smacked home hard.

  2. Lovely post full of fun bits of info. I am with you on the vintage postcard of the motel. I am sure that somewhere there is a place just like that! (well, let’s hope). If you come across it, let us know!

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