Explorer Club Update and December Project!

Hello Explorers!

If you stumbled across this post but don’t have a clue what Exlorer Club is you can learn all about it here. It’s never too late to join in so if you fancy getting involved give me a shout.

Here’s how it works:

– I set an explorer club challenge/project
– You document it in what ever way you like – this means you can write, photograph, draw or film your results.
– You either blog your results and email me with a link to your post or email me your results directly
– All entries need to be with me by the end of the month
– I blog a summary of the results and award the prestigious (ahem…) Explorer of the Month accolade

November’s project was The Museum of Inspiration.

The Museum of Inspiration

The Challenge: Curate things that inspire you throughout the month. You can do this with drawings, photographs, written descriptions, by cutting things out of magazines, writing down poems or lyrics, making things or any other method of recording that you can think of. Arrange the things you’ve collected/made/recorded. Take a picture.

First up is our explorer of the month. The winner.

Due to time constraints this month and the fact that people’s projects took various different formats (mine was a very dull looking list!), I’m only posting the winner but thanks, as always, to everyone who took part. If you do want to post a link to your Museum feel free to do so in the comments.

On to December’s project! A very Christmassy exploration indeed. And easy too…

Creative Christmas – What is the essence of your Christmas experience? Take one picture that sums up Christmas for you.

Send me your results by the 31st December.


One thought on “Explorer Club Update and December Project!

  1. oooh I like this sort of thing. I shall now have to think an awful lot to sum up xmas for me in one photo… eek Thanks Laura. xx

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