Thursday Things

I have such a bumper crop of Thursday things for you this week. And the first two of them feature MY FACE which is a bit narcissistic I know, but they have stories behind them so that’s fine. Probably…

Also I am, rather embarrassingly, wearing the same jacket in both pictures. It is a good jacket though.

Happy Thursday anyway. Have you done all of your Christmas shopping yet? I have. Hurrah. And I’ve put my Christmas tree up. And I’ve put tinsel around my flamingos… you’ll see what I mean by that in a second.


A(nother) Thank You Thing

Simone wrote me a Love Letter. Sniff.

And Fiona…

Credit Fiona McRobie

Here’s what Fiona did.

I feel very lucky to have met such wonderful people through my photography. Thanks so much, YOU GUYS ROCK. x

A Behind the Scenes Thing

Alexa wrote a blog about our recent photo shoot and what went on behind the scenes.

Credit: Alexa Loves Photography Face: mine!

It was a brilliant shoot and I’ll be blogging about it soon.

An Art Thing

One picture of this beautifully presented, boxed-set of letter pressed art prints from Kai and Sunny really doesn’t do it justice so check the whole set out here.

Credit Kai and Sunny

A Dashing Thing

Wedding land was all of a flutter this week, as three of the industry’s lovely ladies collaborated to bring us a new lifestyle magazine. I’ve not had a chance to read it all yet but it’s a thing of beauty.

Check it out here

A Photography Thing

45 powerful images from 2011, found via the lovely Amma from Beyond Beyond.

Credit: Reuters / STRINGER

A 365 Project Thing

I, like many before me, started and failed to finish a 365 project. I found it hard to commit the time to taking and editing a picture a day so I’m full of admiration for Lucky Jackson who is creating one of these beautiful mixed media embroidery hoop pieces every day for a year.

Credit Lucky Jackson

Check out her shop

A Photography Crush Thing

This week’s crush is Studio Castillero. Check out their beautiful work.

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