Thursday Things


2012. The first Thursday of a new year. How are we all feeling? Personally I’m not feeling January – it’s been cold and wet and my purse is looking pretty empty. Never mind, huh? Onwards and upwards. Here are some things to cheer you (and by you I mean me!) up.

A Wedding Photography Thing

Junebug Weddings have released their Best of 2011 list. It includes some of the best wedding photographers in the world and many of the pictures made me gasp.

Whilst I’ll probably never be even half as good as the photographers who made the list, the fact that they exist and produce such innovative work inspires me to try to develop and learn and grow.

Here are three of my favourites.

A Not-A-Photoshop Thing

Conceptual artist Phillipe Ramette and photographer Marc Domage created this surreal work. No photoshop trickery involved.

Credit: Phillipe Ramette Via Notcot

Go forth and google Ramette’s other works; he models for them all himself and previous works have seen him hanging upside down and hanging out underwater.

We’re used to unreal realities being created at the touch of a mouse, so it’s interesting to see forced realities being created in the real world, using physics and a camera to manipulate, rather than a computer.

A Lion Thing

Because, you know, why wouldn’t you have a pet lion?

Credit: Life

A Song Thing

A Word Thing

I learned today that a group of starlings is called a mumeration.



What an interesting word. Have you seen starlings when they fly in a mumeration? It’s spectacular and words can’t quite do it justice. This video takes a little while to get going but when it does…oh my!

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

A Fashion Thing

I love this Mulberry campaign styled by Shona Heath.

In fact I just love Shona Heath and I want to live inside her head.

An It’s-Really-Not-Even-Nearly-Easter thing

I’m mildly outraged that you can even buy them in the shops. In fact my local Sainsburys has been selling them for weeks. It’s not right but I ate one today anyway.

I enjoyed it. If eating easter eggs in January is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

That’s all for this week. If you’ve seen cool stuff on the internet that you think I might like, do leave me a link won’t you?

Happy Thursday


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