Thursday Things


Hello you lot. How are we all? What a very long week this has been already? I feel like I haven’t stopped! There have been lots of fun and exciting things happening though, including a fashion photography workshop, a four year anniversary, a brilliant engagement shoot with a lovely couple and tonight, get me, I’m off to the launch party for Reverie Magazine. Phew.

Here are some things I stumbled across this week. A couple of them were suggested to me by lovely people over on my Facebook page. If you haven’t already liked it, do pop over, won’t you? And don’t forget to say hello!

A Shelf of Shame Thing

I LOVE this. The Shelf of Shame is a website entirely dedicated to the tourist tat that people buy on holiday. What’s not to like? Personally I own a mini Eiffel Tower statue, a Buddha, a statue of Ganesh and a wooden elephant. I love a bit of tat, me.

A Fashion Thing

I love this shoot by Marcelina Sowa by Angelo D’Agostino for Fashion Gone Rogue.

I’ve been thinking a lot about light lately (sad I know) and a huge number of wedding photographers produce very evenly exposed work, but strong shadows can give so much depth to an image. I really want to experiment more with light and focus – a mini challenge for myself and my photography, I think.

A Flamingo Thing

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m in danger of becoming a bit obsessed with flamingos. But they’re just so awesome. Look at them DANCE!

Things YOU Liked

I put a little shout out on my Facebook page to ask about things you’d found this week.

Kain enjoyed this song, as it reminded him of summer and Victoria saw this exhibition at the Camden Arts Centre.

Julia pointed me in the direction of Shorpy, an archive of old photos. It’s quite something and you should check it out.

A Rust Thing

Rust jewelry is beautiful. It’s all handmade, in the uk. I also very much like the way they photograph it. Check out the pretty.

A Tweet-Up Thing

Do you follow me on Twitter? If not, why not? I’m @babbphoto and I’m thinking about organising a little London tweet up. Would you come?

Happy Thursday – do pop back tomorrow when I’ll be featuring the quirky design work of Andrew Fox.

Laura x

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