Creative Friday – Andrew Fox {Designer and Illustrator}


It’s Friday. That means you get to hear less of the waffle about me and more of the good stuff about someone else.

If you’d like to be featured in a future Creative Friday post give me a shout.

Andrew Fox is a rather clever designer and illustrator. Here’s what he had to say when I spoke to him.

“My granddad inspired me to start drawing. He was always doodling away, drawing these funny little anthropomorphic cartoons. My Mum was also creative, I remember her making her own greeting cards and painting plates when I was growing up.

As I got older art became not only my favourite subject but also a way of impressing my mates at school. I used to draw these caricature pictures of my teachers, people I didn’t even know would just come up to me and ask to see them. Maybe that’s where the idea of making people laugh through illustration came from.

I’m influenced by anything and everything. My latest endeavour (a children’s book about a baby whale) was born out of looking back at books that inspired me as a kid. I’d been looking through some kids books at a market and came across The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I hadn’t seen the illustrations in that book for over twenty years but I remembered them like it was yesterday. I like the idea of being the inspiration for a new generation of illustrators/designers.

I’m driven by the thought of being self employed with total creative freedom. Finding a way to be financially secure doing something I love with enough spare time to travel the world (which has become something of an obsession over the past few years). Obviously some recognition would be nice, but I think what really drives me is just the catharsis of getting these things out of my head and onto paper.

Current projects include the children’s book I’m working on and I’m still developing my greeting cards. I’m also in talks with a company about doing some advertising illustration. In the future I’m thinking about moving to London, I figure there’ll be more opportunities for me there …we’ll see. Oh and I want to travel around Europe some more!

My work summed up in five words: cute …comedic …quietly anarchic ……underrated! ;)”

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