Goodbye Thursday Things…

Hands up if you’re having a crazy January? *raises hand* *raises other hand* *raises first hand again* *raises leg* *falls over*

I’m getting really busy now and something’s got to give. Thursday Things was always, if I’m honest, a bit of a blog filler – some pretty stuff to look at in between other posts about my photography.

Thinking about the direction I want to take my blog, Thursday things isn’t totally at odds with what I want to do but it also doesn’t drive the blog in a specific direction either. It’s been a bit of an onerous task of late as Wednesday evening (or Thursday morning!) finds me scrabbling around looking for things to post!

I should also mention that I won’t be posting and more Explorer Club projects. Support has dwindled and I only had two responses for the Christmas project (thanks to Ian and Emma for taking the time to submit and sorry I’ve not had a chance to post it!) so I’m letting it go so that I can focus my energy elsewhere.

I still really want to use my blog to focus on other creative people (as well as my own work of course!) but I’d rather do that by talking to them and showcasing their work/ideas, rather than linking to random stuff I found around the web.

So, what can you expect going forward?

Mondays – a post featuring something I’ve photographed, including weddings, portraits and personal work
Fridays – a post featuring work by another creative person and telling us a bit about them (so far I’ve got artists, designers and other photographers lined up – drop me a line if you want to take part!)
Saturdays – a ‘Becoming a Photographer’ post about my journey as a photographer

Just typing this feels a bit like a weight has been lifted. Three posts a week feels much more manageable.

I hope regular readers won’t mind too much. Thanks for sticking around…


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