Creative Friday – Pete Wilbourne {Designer and Photographer}

It’s Creative Friday and that means I hand the reigns over to someone else and get them to tell us a bit about them and their work.

This week it’s none other than Pete Wilbourne. And if that name means nothing to you, shame on you – you’ve not been reading my blog properly! Pete is my soon-to-be-husband, the brains behind my logo/branding and the brilliant photographer who helps me out at a lot of weddings and shoots.

He says some nice things about me in this interview but, seriously, I wouldn’t even be a photographer without him. When I bought my first camera he taught me how to use it and he’s a massive influence on me and my work.

Over to Pete.

I have worked in and around the design industry for about 8 years and have recently also dipped my toe in the photography world, assisting and following my own personal projects. I enjoy branding and typography as well as commercial campaign work, as a photographer I like reportage and documentary.

As a designer you become a bit of a chameleon, adapting styles and visual language to fit a brief. Often when the start of a project is very different from the end result; things rarely end up being what you expected. I guess you create a solution to a problem.

In less woolly terms, I create designs for posters, leaflets, booklets and I make identities for campaigns and brands that can be applied to many different media. I also make representations of stuff around me using 35mm film and a variety of secondhand cameras.

I have always been interested in art, it was the only thing I liked at school, so thanks to Ms Downing and Mr Melhuish. Also my mum can turn her hand to all sorts, painting with water-colours, pen and ink sketches, sewing, embroidery and making amazing cakes. I also should credit my dad for giving me his old camera a few years ago, I was a starting point for my renewed love for photography.

There are a million things I have seen and read out there that have influenced me, but I can never name them, or point you in a specific direction. A definite one I can name is Laura Babb. I used to teach her about the basics of photography, but now she’s teaching me things everyday.

I am driven by finding a solution to a problem. Making things tidy, I am a bit of a tidy freak, I have a compulsion to line up line up pencils, sort loose change and arrange things in height order. I am convinced most designers are a bit O.C.D. In fact I would consider it an asset in this industry.

In the future I want to have more confidence in my work. I am very critical of what I produce which can lead to a lack of enthusiasm to take on a new challenge at times. I would also like to get back to basics at some point, get my hands dirty with some ink, paint, printing presses and darkroom chemicals.

My work summed up in five words: cyan, magenta, yellow and black

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