Creative Friday – Oswin Tickler {Designer }

Happy Friday. Today I have the pleasure of introducing Oswin Tickler. Not only does Oswin Tickler have the best name known to man, but he’s one of the most excellent people too. Oswin is a cool dude and an excellent designer.

As well as being a successful, working designer he also teaches graphic design. Here’s what he had to say about his work:

I create almost anything anyone needs designing, websites, identities, posters, magazines, fonts, t-shirts, even Apps… I’m open to anything.

There was no conscious decision, no driving creative force that inspired me to start in design. I had no choice, i was spectacularly mediocre at school – I was always interested in, but fairly crap at art. If i had followed the grades, i’d be a geography teacher by now!

One night during my Foundation Course I had a crisis of confidence, and suddenly decided i couldn’t draw so switched from Illustration to Graphic Design, and never looked back. From then it came pretty naturally – I worked hard, but everything just made sense.

What influences my work? George Orwell, Politics, notions of identity, imperfection, ugly lettering, struggle, high culture, low culture, bad taste…

I’ve always felt an outsider, so, much of my work is deliberately antithetical to popular culture, and its current preoccupation with navel gazing at the alter of all things twee. When cupcakes, moustaches, and bunting are all in fashion, yet the world is going down the toilet, it seems the only position a (nominally) sane person can take.

Ultimately my motivation is money and clients. I am driven by memories of poverty. That and the fear that the work will run out.

I think I would explode if I didn’t create things, I can never switch off – my brain races off on tangents, and getting thoughts down on paper is a way of ordering them. Most of it is nonsense, and never gets beyond the sketchbook.

I’m not sure I know what I’m doing tomorrow, let alone the future proper, but I’d like some kind of exhibition, a bigger studio. I’m working on a couple of top-secret projects which may or may not see the light of day.

I ought to take a holiday at some point soon (4 days in 2010 to attend a friends wedding in America was the last one)!

My work in five words? Good Ugly (never liked maths).

Check out more of Oswin’s work here:

Twitter: @wearesmallfury

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