Creative Friday – Laura Daligan {Artist and Illustrator}

Happy Friday.  Is it cold enough for you?

On Fridays I hand over the reigns to another creative person so they can tell us a bit about their work.  If you’d like to be featured do get in touch or leave me a comment below.

I’m really happy to be able to share the work of artist Laura Daligan today. I’m a huge admirer of her beautiful and very distnctive art, especially as it’s so reflective of her as a person.

As well as her website you should check out her Etsy shop and the beautiful pendants she sells.

Thanks so much to Laura for sharing her work today.  Here’s what she had to say about it.

I’m an artist and illustrator with a passion for magic, myth and all things rouge! When I was a little girl I was always happiest armed with pencils, papers and my imagination, to this day, not much has changed.

After graduating from Falmouth College of Arts with BA(Hons) Illustration, I moved to the bright lights and dirty streets of London, where I began my works as an illustrator, artist, writer and tarot reader .

I love… all animals (especially my cats), belly dancing, yoga, being out in nature, visiting sacred sites, magic, reading, rock music, red wine and red lipstick!

I usually create my images using inks, watercolours, chalk pastels, and sometimes collage, but I also work with acrylics on large canvases.

I don’t like to limit and label what I do, as I am constantly experimenting and expanding ideas, but if pushed I’d say that my art is emotive, magical and often based on images of faerie and folklore.

Just recently I have begun creating pendants and other pieces of jewellery with my art – this has been really exciting for me – and the first batch of pendants I made sold like hot cakes!

I’ve illustrated books on various subjects from runes to romance, and created large canvases for homes and offices.

I love commissions and collaboration, as when you work with someone else’s ideas, writings and visions, you always end up with something new which wouldn’t have been created without the other persons input!

For me creating is as natural and essential as breathing. It’s a strange thing the need to create- the need to record the world, with the hope of adding a little beauty; I guess I’m never bored though. I’m constantly thinking of new ideas and plans!

My art comes from the heart, and also from my connection to the world around me. My spirituality affects my work greatly, with a lot of my work being inspired by meditations, shamanic experience or dreams.  I can be inspired by a poem, a song, a standing stone or a blackbird flying past!

I’ve so many paintings to do and stories to tell – I don’ think I’ll ever stop creating – there’s so much to fit in!

I’m currently creating my own Oracle Cards which I’d love to see published and used. I’m also starting to create my own Graphic Novel – which I’m finding really exciting! I’d love to work with more writers and collaborate on more projects.

My work in five words:  A Storm in a Teacup

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