Creative Friday – Emma Gutteridge {Photographer}

Happy Creative Friday, people.  I love hearing about other people’s creative journeys, as it’s always hugly inspiring to me, so on Fridays I interview another creative type and hear what they have to say about what they do.

This week’s interview is with the ball of energy that is my friend, Emma Gutteridge.  She seriously loves her work and she photographs everything from food to music to weddings.  Here’s what she had to say.

I’ve been living and breathing photography for 3 years now. I photograph a lot of things but I’m lucky enough to photograph all the things that make my heart sing – music, love between people and food. My main vocation is wedding photography but to mix it up and stay fresh I also the odd bit of music photography and reportage. I also co-produce a local food magazine for Brighton so do the main body of photography for that.
I worked as a picture editor in the magazine world for 10 years, attending photo shoots, commissioning photographers and trawling stock sites for the perfect imagery. I was also so immersed in it but always felt something was missing. It’s not until I left the job that I realised why I felt frustrated: I wanted to be the one behind the lens. Living in Brighton was a perfect place to take up photography – there is so much to photograph and so many cool backdrops.
I’m one of the biggest romantics out there, I romanticise everything and photographing allows me to exercise that visually. Without wanting to sound too much like a scene from American Beauty, there IS beauty in everything, it’s just finding it and flaunting its good side. I guess I am inspired by life in general.
In terms of other photographers, there are two major people that have definitely inspired me. The first is Diane Arbus – I think she was simply amazing, I know there was controversy about her exploiting people but the way I see it, she made what taboo subject matters into a thing of beauty.
The second is a celebrity photographer called Lorenzo Agius – he has an amazing knack of capturing the personality of someone by using locations and props. I think that’s so important in a photograph and something I’m always mindful of when I’m doing portraits.
I’m driven by obsession. I can’t even describe the feeling of getting home from an incredible gig and going through the images knowing everyone will see it how I did. It’ss amazing. Sometimes I won’t get home until 3am but I’ll still sit up until 9 in the morning to turn round the images to get them out there.
I also love to see honesty in photos, I love going out on the street and photographing everything I see, the emotions on peoples faces, the confusion of looking at a map, the annoyance on the face of a city worker trying to get past some tourists on a London street. Photography is limitless, there’s always something out there to be captured.
In the future I want to carry on being as creative as I can, always pushing it a bit further and never becoming stale. In time I’d like to start doing some exhibitions.
Brighton has the amazing Open Houses each year, I’m hoping to get involved in that and do a few collections.
My work in five words: Editorial, candid, documentary, errrrrrrrm…. negative and space.
Thanks to Emma for sharing her work today.  If you’d like to take part in Creative Friday get in touch via my website
Laura x

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