Creative Friday – Tracey Barrow {Photographer}

Hello, Friday, where have you been all of my life?

On Fridays I interview another creative person to find out what makes them tick. This week it’s the hugely inspirational Tracey Barrow.

Tracey, like many other photographers, did a 365 project last year. The difference with her 365 project, however, is that a lot of her work focuses on photo manipulation and composite photography and even the work that doesn’t involve hours of work in photoshop is highly conceptualised.

The work that goes into creating a composite photo or working through a concept each day for 365 days is phenomenal so I’m full of admiration for Tracey and her determination.

I asked her to tell me a bit about her work. Here’s what she had to say.

What do I create? I create a thought. While of course I create all genres of pictures my favourite are those that make you stop and think. It’s all about emotion to me. That can be simply raising a smile at some of my goofing around or a heartbeat flutter as it reminded you of something, even sadness. Ultimately I want the viewer to have a reaction.

I actually started photography in a back to front way because I taught (and am still teaching) myself Photoshop before I even started taking photographs! I was really getting into Photoshop and enjoying what it could do and was also looking to change my current hobby of card making so photography seemed the perfect answer!

The world influences me. Everywhere I look I see a picture. Many of my compositions mainly come from lyrics that I hear or words that I see written down.

I just love taking pictures, from simple flower shots (yes I do do simple things too – lol!) or 8 hour composite shots. I adore the editing of photographs so once the shot is taken I am itching to get it into Photoshop to have a play! I am also just starting to venture into taking weddings and babies and I love capturing emotion.

Ria Mishaal Snaddon is a huge inspiration for me regarding capturing emotions, she just has a way of capturing it on camera and really getting the viewer to feel the emotion too!

I’m hoping to exhibit some of my work towards the end of the year and I am currently putting together a book on my 365. Then I would like to set about making my photography into a business.

My work in five words? Quirky, creative, emotional, fun, interesting!

Thanks for sharing your work today, Tracey.

Laura x


7 thoughts on “Creative Friday – Tracey Barrow {Photographer}

  1. Tracey, really like your shots, very creative and I feel a nice sense of humour to some of them, my favourite is the curtain with the leg and arm, I would have that on my wall anyday

  2. Tracey you are a great inspiration and a wonderful human being! I am blessed to call you my friend and I am delighted things are starting to happen for you as you truly deserve! Great feature! xox

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