Creative Friday: Deano Busker {musician}

Hands up if your week has felt super long up to this point? I swear it was Thursday on Tuesday! Well IN YOUR FACE week because it’s Friday now and this weekend’s going to be ace. I have part two of my best friend’s hen party (yes, a two part hen party – she doesn’t do things by halves) and I’m catching up with other friends for lunch on Sunday.

So on with Creative Friday where I interview another creative person to find out more about what drives them. It’s my pleasure this week to welcome the first musician I’ve featured on the blog. Deano Busker is a song writer, guitar player and one member of the band CAR BOOT TETRIS.

Here’s what he had to say:

(all images copywrite Deano Busker)

While backpacking around Europe I started busking with bits and pieces of classic cover songs (I’d usually have to stop at the bridge, as either it was too high to sing, the chords were too hard to form or I’d just not bothered to learn the whole song through!).

When I returned to Blighty I got an admin job and also auditioned to be a London Underground (j’deteste) Busker. I passed the audition, and as the admin job I worked at was flexi-time I booked my pitches and where and when I could and fit the day job in around them.

Starting with three full songs I worked up to about 100 in a couple of weeks…overcoming my pitiful vocal range by down-tuning the guitar by a full tone, and overcoming my pitiful chord knowledge by buying a capo – for all you musical snobs, I just wanted to sing without a karaoke machine (hate those guys…LOL).

It was a sweet gig and eventually I ended up traveling around the world doing pretty much the same thing. I played in China’s finest hostels, South-East Asia’s finest bars and all over Australia, finally taking residence in Melbourne where I became a bit of a hit with the morning commuters at Flinder’s street station.

I also played in Nashville, Tennessee which was a dream come true and that was where I bought the sexiest acoustic guitar in the world. When I returned from the “world tour” I tried busking in London again, but they’ve messed it all up now (too much greed and LU involvement me thinks) but something good did come out of it – I started my first band.

CAR BOOT TETRIS have been performing around Essex since 2009 and we’re currently through to the regional finals of Live and Unsigned. We’re hoping to get through to the final so we can play at the O2…which trumps last year’s performance at T-Fest, although that was amazing and very well run.
I write and perform songs. I’ve had a finalist and loads of semi-finalists in the UK Songwriting Contest over the years, but I’m still seeking a publishing deal – no joy yet. I’m creative in other ways, but if I was forced to name one talent I would say “lyricist”. I’m really proud of my music, especially the words…unlike some of my other creations!

Like so many other blokes, I picked up a guitar hoping to become the next Jon or Richie and have an endless stream of girlfriends. Now I’m married I still do it as it’s part of who I am. I hope I never stop writing or singing. I wouldn’t say I’m prolific, but I haven’t dried up yet and I think each of my songs is quite different.

Unfortunately of late my day runs according to a ridiculously strict schedule, with very little time each week to sit down with the guitar and record something. But I’ve always got my BB to record my hums and lyrical lightning bolts. I love the story told by the lyrics, so I can be influenced by anything – a film, eavesdropping during my commute, what if?…musings throughout the day as I die slowly of boredom as an admin assistant. I’m driven now, more than anything, by my 18 month old daughter Robyn. Right now she loves lots of my songs and dances along when I play – I hope that lasts.

There are other people whose opinions I also respect and listen to with regards to my music, but with others I only hear the good things. If they tell me it is crap I’ll probably just laugh because I know it feels good to sing it and play it, the words are also good. If some random says it’s rubbish 1) they probably can’t sing 2) they probably can’t play or 3) they’ve not listened to the words…which will probably cover the majority of people. Saying that, if when Robyn’s old enough to pronounce the word “crap” she uses it in reference to my music, that’ll probably be enough to retire me.

In the future we hope to win Live and Unsigned and play at the O2 – failing that it would be nice to win some studio time so we can get some proper recording done. We’ve got about two albums worth of decent material but nothing of quality to sell just yet due to funds, habits, families, etc. We would also love to play at one of the big summer festivals this year…and all of these things are possible. It’s just a case of being heard by the right people I suppose, and continuing to increase our fan-base…or possibly winning the lotto! And yes, I would still do it if I won the lotto….just bigger and better!

The band’s work in five words: Working class folk rock legends.

Thanks to Deano for talking to me today.

If you’d like to be featured on Creative Friday get in touch. I’d love to find out what makes you tick.

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