Fund raising for premature babies. Please give what you can.

This is my gorgeous nephew James. In May 2011 James was born 6 weeks early and thanks to the amazing care of staff at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, James is now a healthy 9 month old with a penchant for random squealing, milky bars, glasses stealing and a few rousing choruses of Horsey, Horsey.

Here are some pictures of James when he was born. He was a tiny little thing.

My brother is doing a 10k run to raise money for babies like James. Now if you know my brother you’ll know that, prior to this, running wasn’t really his thing. Here’s what he has to say about it:

Hi all – Firstly thank you all for visiting my page. Secondly let me tell you a bit about what I am doing and why.

On the 25th of May 2011 our little baby boy James was delivered into the world 6 weeks earlier than planned. Due to around the clock non-stop care , we now have a Healthy 8 month old boy who will happen to be 1 year and 2 days on the date of the run.

One of our best friends Sam and Nina also had a baby boy Ralph two days later who also ended up in the unit alongside James. It will be Ralphs Birthday on the day of the event.

The technology plays a massive part in caring for little babies but unfortunately it does not come cheap. If it was not for this technology many babies including James and Ralph would not of had the best starts in life. Fortunately for us we had this car and have healthy 8 month old boys.

Taking part in this run is also an achievement for me. This added to getting whatever money I can for the Neonatal unit is a massive bonus as I see it as a very worthwhile cause. Kenny Smith and Members of the Bupa Procurement team are also helping raise money by taking part in this run so thanks to them.

I understand giving to charity can be never ending and people have to draw a line somewhere. If you can give what you can it will be well received. Even if I raise anything I will be happy.

The picture in the top left was taken by my sister when James was in hospital.

Let’s Hide them Doughnuts and get on with it.

Thanks all xx

If you can spare a few pennies to spur him on, please visit his Virgin Money Giving page HERE.

Me, James and all of the other tiny little babies thank you.

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