Memories of The Sea {Personal}

What’s your earliest memory?

Those who know me well will tell you that my memory is terrible. People ask me if I remember when we… or do you remember that time when…. or wasn’t it funny when… I often look on blankly. The genuine answer is no, I don’t remember.

I don’t remember the minutiae of my life. Maybe that’s what compelled me to buy my first SLR a few years ago; a desire to keep a constant record of those things around me, so that I don’t forget them.

I have a list of little personal projects that I’d like to undertake to preserve my memories. I’d like to photograph the flat that I live in, as it’s been mine and Pete’s first proper home together and I know we won’t live here for ever.

I’d like to photograph every step of my walk to work one day.

I’d like to record more of my day to day life.

I’d like to explore bit of my own past, through photography to better understand where I came from.

My granddad has dementia and his memory isn’t what it used to be. He lives in Suffolk but he grew up in Brixham, Devon, so when I was down there recently visiting Pete’s parents I went to Brixham harbour to take some pictures to send to him.

I expect Brixham has changed significantly since my Granddad lived there but memories can be sparked by the smallest glimmer of recognition.

In fact I felt as though I knew Brixham even though I’ve never been. I have always been drawn to the sea and uninterrupted horizens. I hope to convince Pete that we should move to the coast one day…

2 thoughts on “Memories of The Sea {Personal}

  1. same here. my childhood memories are stories I’ve heard from my parents, siblings, and people who took care of me when i was young… also, photographs do help us in preserving what has been happening in our lives but just make sure that you enjoy the present first — one friend of mine actually complained why people in concerts are busy holding their phones to record the event, and enjoy watching it at home afterwards — gee. the logic of it.

    • I totally agree re people filming gigs on their phone. Really silly. I don’t think that taking pictures stops me from enjoying the present though. If anything it makes me look at the present in a different way and pay more attention to details.

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