St Pauls Cathedral Wedding Excitement

Well I don’t even have anything to blog about yet, as the thing that I’m blogging about hasn’t even happened but as you read this I’ll be on my way to London Bridge to photograph the lovely Juliet getting ready for her St Pauls Cathedral Wedding. Oh my!

I hoped I’d have a nice picture to illustrate this post with and I do have a nice picture to illustrate this post but it’s buried on an archive hard drive somewhere. It’s also on Flickr but I haven’t logged into Flickr for so long that I can remember neither my log in nor my password. I should probably do something about that.

Anyway, I wouldn’t usually blog about the wedding before I’ve photographed it but, you know, it’s St Paul’s Cathedral. I’m really excited even if I am only allowed to photograph the first five minutes. I’m only allowed to stay if I promise to be good and I’m only allowed to photograph up to the first hymn and then only from the back!

Anyway my excitement is making me ramble. If you’d like to see the picture I was referring to, it’s here.

Tell me about your weekend plans and have a sneak peek of another lovely London wedding that I’ll be blogging next week.
Laura Babb is a London creative documentary Wedding photographer, providing wedding photography services in London, the UK and beyond.

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