The littlest Babb goes walking

This time a year ago my little nephew was born 6 weeks early, at just over 4lb. He was a tiny little thing; so small that even the smallest of baby clothes hung off him and his sleeves and legs were rolled up on every outfit, to let his hands and feet out.

Our families (mine and my brother’s inlaws) got together to celebrate. I had a gin and tonic or two (ok three…) and managed to burn myself in the sun. I never sit in the sun and honestly thought I was in the shade.

James likes to walk but he can’t quite manage it on his own yet. When you support him by holding his hands, his legs stomp up and down in an exagerated fashion, often missing their target entirely.

When he’s not walking, and even when he is, he’s prone to random bursts of laughing for no apparent reason. He really is adorable.

I chose this single picture to represent James’ first birthday. There are others, of course, and they’re all more birthday-ish. I took quite a few and his parents, my parents and their friends took some too – pictures to capture the details of the day; the cake, the people and the presents.

To me though this picture, a snapshot in time, tells you a bit about who James was as a person on his first birthday.

James, aged 1 year. Likes walking with a bit of support and very fond of a good giggle. Favourite things include mummy and daddy and Ra Ra the Lion. Happy Birthday. xx

The legs are mine but the photo is by Pete Wilbourne.
Laura Babb is a London based creative documentary Wedding photographer, providing quirky, beautiful and creative wedding photography services in London, the UK and beyond.

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