Carly and Elio’s Portsmouth Harbour pre-wedding shoot

I was really, really looking forward to meeting Carly and Elio. I was intrigued by the fact that Carly booked me through Twitter after seeing a retweeted post where I had a bit of a rant about bad customer service.

It just goes to show that getting grumpy about things isn’t always a bad thing. It can sometimes lead you to meeting really lovely people who book you to be their wedding photographer!

We headed to Portsmouth Harbour for their pre wedding photo shoot. I’ve never been to Portsmouth before so it was really nice to experience somewhere new and we spent a really nice, if not a bit blustery, couple of hours wandering around the harbour and then eating cake. I am quite jealous that Carly and Elio get to see the sea every day, as they live right by the sea front in Southsea.

I can’t wait for Carly and Elio’s wedding on Friday.
Laura Babb is a London based alternative documentary Wedding photographer, providing quirky, beautiful and creative wedding photography services in London, the UK and beyond.

11 thoughts on “Carly and Elio’s Portsmouth Harbour pre-wedding shoot

  1. Gorgeous shoot, what a cute couple!! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for the wedding pics!

    I think it’s time for a cuppa now… xx

  2. Massive hair envy and also the overwhelming desire to go and find some arched caverns to pose in! Gorgeous images for a gorgeous couple and what I’m sure will be a gorgeous wedding!

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