A sneeky peek and some thoughts on writing

I struggle with this blog. Everything I know about promoting my business tells me that I need to be writing to boost my SEO, writing to get my personality across to potential clients and writing to celebrate my successes and present a positive view of my business.

This post actually started off as something completely different, as I am acutely aware that I haven’t blogged for a while.

I’ve got loads to blog I’ve just been too busy editing it all to actually get around to it. So I dutifully sat down this morning with my morning coffee, my to-do list screaming ‘write a blog post’ at me, and I find I have nothing to say about any of my pictures today.

The trouble is, often everything I write about my own work sounds like a cliche. Mainly because it is: I am a photographer not a writer so when I try to write about my own work, it’s either flat and lifeless or it sounds hackneyed.

My photography is better than my writing (I hope. If not, I really am in trouble!) so I feel as though the things I write some how diminish the image because they don’t do them justice.

I’d love to hear from other creatives about how they deal with this. Do you write about your own work? How do you feel about your writing? If you’re a writer/blogger do you struggle with the finding images that do your words justice?

And here’s the image I intended to blog today. It’s from a shoot that I worked on with Want That Wedding and Jay Archer Floral Design, along with a whole host of other amazing creative businesses.

It really was an inspiring project to be involved in and that’s the trouble I guess; what ever I write here will never quite do it justice – you need to see the final outcome to apreciate the work that everyone put into it.

Laura Babb is a London Wedding photographer, providing quirky, beautiful and creative wedding photography services in London, the UK and beyond.

3 thoughts on “A sneeky peek and some thoughts on writing

  1. I know exactly what you mean here. Its the same issue I have every time I try to write words to go with an image, a sneak peek or a full wedding or portrait post. Mind goes blank and the words seem either waffly or not enough. Add to that the niggling thing going round in the back of my head that your written content needs to contain relevant key words whilst also being not too keyword heavy in order for your SEO to work efficiently and its a disaster waiting to happen. You are not alone…and as of yet I dont have a solution. If you find one please share it!

    In the meantime, heres to being useless wordsmiths and hopefully much better photographers 😉 x

  2. You know what? Sometimes I think it’s ok to have one without the other. Screw SEO. It is more reflective of you and your style to keep it simple if you don’t feel you have anything to say. With this very beautiful image you could easily leave it to stand alone. Alternatively, you could writer about what was so inspirational about the shoot, what you took from me it, things it made you want to work on in the future.

    Or, sometimes I like it when the words don’t necessarily describe the image or its background. An anecdote about something else that happened that day can occasionally give more context to the picture, knowing what kind of mindset you were in and what proceeded this image being taken.

    Then again you could talk about what your aims were for this shoot, how you tried to accomplish them, what was beneficial, what worked, what didn’t…

    Or you could just say she’s dead pretty and it’s a gorgeous shot and you’re jolly talented.

  3. I love words and I love images. It frustrates me a little when people enjoy that “one” image more than 1000 words. Yet I guess my words are quite good enough yet. (One day perhaps).

    Whilst I’m jealous that powerful images need no words, I don’t want you to stop creating them.

    I take the view that you should enjoy what you’re writing, so don’t force it. Take your time, slowly your seo patter will become second nature and you can write what you want with no detriment. (That’s what I’m hoping anyway!)

    Also hello prettiness!

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