Seen on the street: lazing on a sunny afternoon

It’s been a busy, busy few weeks. I’ve only photographed one wedding in the last month but I’ve also had several meetings with potential clients, two pre wedding photoshoots, a shoot for a magazine, a charity calendar shoot, a venue visit to the Cotswolds, my hen party, a friend’s wedding, Pete’s 31st birthday and a styled photoshoot for an amazing and top secret project. Phew.

And I get married in three weeks too. Eeek!

It’s little wonder then that when Pete and I headed to East London with the intention of walking home to Camden along the canal, that I got as far as Islington before feeling exhausted and having to jump on the tube! We did have a nice stroll around Hoxton though and we popped into Red Market where we saw these people lounging in their hammocks. I was tempted to get in one myself and have a little snooze.

Laura x
Laura Babb is a London Wedding photographer, providing quirky, beautiful and creative wedding, portrait and event photography services in London, the UK and beyond.

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