Gibberd Garden wedding photography: Sarah and Brendon

I must confess to being a bit drunk by 4pm on the day of this wedding. So much so that I’d taken quite a lot of pictures of my own shoes by the end of the night. They were pretty and very sparkly, in my defence.

Of course I’d never get drunk at a client’s wedding but this was the wedding of two of my very best friends and I was only officially photographing part of the day. And there was a gin palace. I blame the gin palace.

Sarah and Brendon were married in Bishop’s Stortford and then had their reception at The Gibberd Garden, a sculpture garden that was designed by Sir Fredrick Gibberd, the master planner who also designed Harlow, the town in which its located. It was quite a strange experience to be standing at the front of the wedding ceremony when it’s two of your best friends getting married. I won’t tell you what Sarah mouthed to me when she got to the top of the aisle but suffice to say it was something expressing her feelings of nervousness!

This has to be one of my favourite weddings that I’ve photographed this year because it involved two of my favourite people. I’m so happy for you both, Sarah and Brendon. Congratulations. xx

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