A pixel party wedding – Hannah and Iwan

london wedding photographer_0112Take a cool couple, add a love of gaming and photography, throw in lots of pixilated details and a really lovely, laid back vibe and you get Hannah and Iwan’s amazing wedding.

They were married at Derby Register Office and then held their reception at The Book Cafe . Their ceremony was wonderful and they had the very talented Laura Attridge sing Suo Gan, a Welsh Lullaby, which had most of their guests (and their photographer!) misty eyed.

Their reception involved every type of toy camera imaginable, a Super Nintendo complete with Street Fighter 3, wedding speech bingo, loads of amazing gaming themed DIY decor and a brilliant party afterwards. Hannah and Iwan also sang their own version of Anyone Else But You by the Moldy Peaches.

I also had the pleasure of working with the brilliant Shutterbox Films and I can’t wait to see their film from the day.

Congratulations Hannah and Iwan. It was a pleasure to be your wedding photographer.

london wedding photographer_0127



Laura Babb is a London Wedding photographer, providing quirky, beautiful and creative wedding photography services in London, Surrey, Essex, Hertfordshire, the UK and beyond.

12 thoughts on “A pixel party wedding – Hannah and Iwan

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  2. It’s all gorgeous!! Really amazing photos!!! I saw a picture on facebook of Rock n Roll Bride yesterday and then start looking for more about it, really beautyfull!!! LOVE the video games theme!

      • Can I post it on my blog?! It´s just soooo beautyfull and geek! I’m in love!!! Makes me want to marry again!!!!

      • It’s due for a feature on a wedding blog and until that happens it can’t be featured elsewhere, however you’re more than welcome to blog it after, as long as you credit me and link back to my original post. I’m glad you like it. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Thank you!!! I’ll wait!! And i will put the credits and link it back here!! Don’t worry!!! Thanks a lot, and have a wonderfull day too!

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