The Future

Technology moves so quickly that I wonder what people will be taking pictures on in 5, 10, or 20 years. Maybe we’ll all have holographic cameras like they do in Star Trek. This is the first wedding I’ve photographed where there has been a guest with an ipad. It made me chuckle. I should have got mine out.


This picture was taken at Kerry and Graeme’s lovely, London wedding, by my 2nd shooter (and husband!), Pete Wilbourne.

Here’s another preview and you can see more over on my Facebook Page, including the picture we risked life and limb to capture on Tower Bridge. Make me smile and click the like button while you’re over there.

london wedding photographer  ©

Laura x

Laura Babb is a London Wedding photographer, providing quirky, beautiful and creative wedding photography services in London, Surrey, Essex, Hertfordshire, the UK and beyond.

5 thoughts on “The Future

  1. When I see people shooting images on the iPad i just want to put a drop cloth over them to complete the look. And holographic cameras may not be that far away. Check out the Lytro camera.

  2. I like to take my picture and be done with it. I don’t even really like photo manipulation or HDR (although I suspect it’s because I’m lazy as much as anything else!)

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